Lunation Station

Leo New Moon August 18th, 2020


 With a Trine of the Fire signs, there is a heated but equalizing conversation dealing with physical motivations; the determination to change what we have always known to obtain ultimate cohesiveness in our homes. Mercury and Mars’ sextile to the 4th house cusp is whispering sweet nothings from the consciousness “you know what you’re doing, don’t give in so easily, and ask more questions”. If we are given a caution for safety, will we take it? Not the safety of comfort and complacency, but safety around giving space and time before proceeding too quickly.

A difficult Mercury quincunx Saturn has us seeking answers on how to change the structure we’ve upheld and woefully sustained. There will be hope in our intentions but confusion will be magnified as those who try to lead with their hearts instead of their heads, learn to navigate new territory.  Have courage towards what may seem like speculation or a gamble to others; in actuality, it’s a knowing on your part without knowing how you do. We should be clear, flexible, and cooperative while taking the high road as needed. There is an increased hustle to make more out of life and a powerful desire to make it so.

With Uranus square the South Node and Midheaven we hear a faint cosmic giggle off into the distance that cues unexpected circumstances to occur. Just when we think we know the whole of it, we are given more information. We must keep in mind that more will be revealed so find good use in technology at our fingertips and stay up to date with your own means of finding the truth. Not all external sources will give justice to the reality and integrity needed to make the right decisions. 

Leo ♌ New Moon August 18th, 2020

Mars square Saturn and Pluto rumbles as hypothetical and literal blasts of realization come into the psyche to spark a new initiation. Saturn is pushing the button to reveal the transformations in work/government/institutional structures with Pluto indicating that stagnations to be addressed. With Venus adding an opposing conversation gives the opportunity towards a refreshed and hopeful foundation should we take the challenge; allowing new dialogues in old structures, and give the foresight to see value in your own intuitive directions.

NorthNode quincunx Saturn gives an opportunity for us to see that we know how to get to where we want to be, it just needs development around the solution that’s desired.

With the Ascendant squaring the Midheaven we can sense disillusionment as Neptune converses with Jupiter around belief systems and the way we learn our information. This has us taking our education to a larger spectrum, focusing on raising the bar for the way we currently operate. 

Overall this energy will feel like a squeeze but gives the promise to change in the near future, we just have to refine our new ideas with imagination.