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Mercury Retrograde in GEMINI

Mercury retrograde 2021

Three days after the initial transit, (planetary placement) the planet Mercury resides in the sign of Gemini– Retrograde. In this article we dive into the activating origins of this Mercury Retrograde and explain how to stay out of dodge until it all blows over.

Lets get to business breaking down the energy of this three week period and how you can best serve yourself at this moment of introspection.


Firstly, how does it make you feel, any different? You’ll notice it more as you interact with others who seem off-balance.

Notice the traffic out there now that everyone is back to “normal”? If your reply is “crappy”, then I know we are on the same page. I’m sure of it and yes, people could have lost their minds…however, Gemini, Mercury and the 3rd house of the Zodiacal wheel (the “pie” in the sky any time a snapshot is taken) all rule communication, our mental capacity, transportation, and the exchange of ideas.

“pie in the sky” Astrology Wheel

On a positive note, it is the blaring reminder that you have things you need to finish. What area’s of your life need cleaning these days? Scarcity due to unchecked attitudes, assets, and relationship dynamics are influential flavors with the North Node of the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury all in the sign of Gemini. Exploring the 8th house of hidden affairs, taxes, conception, and transformation will result in mental breakthroughs and rude awakenings.


When any planet is in Retrograde, we can humbly accept the challenge of going within, or dive into a sea of crazy because the “world is conspiring” against you, despite your best efforts. Not true! The invitation is here to see a reflection of what you look like on the outside…sometimes. Ouch.

“Taking a step back when you’re met with unreasonable, sketchy behavior is good practice – re-treat with retro-grade.”

Pull out your post it notes! Writing these reminders down and placing them where you brush your teeth helps your manifestation results.

Retrograde “prescription”
  • I will finish what I started.
  • I will clear dirty corners of my life.
  • Retrograde prepares me for greatness


Never fear, this is not a time where everything in the world that could happen will. This is simply a period when you can expect unexpected things to happen– regular life stuff, right? This Retrograde begins May 29th, 2021, possibly felt more fully on the 30th. This activation period will last until June 22nd, 2021.


Collectively, the energy from our relationships will present its importance. Moreover, witnessing ourselves inside the dynamic of being connected to others will be puzzling. Are we confident we can trust them, or do they continually betray our trust?

Approaching new levels of consciousness involves breaking the old cycle of habits that keep you in repression. Who is it that you can no longer take directives from? Do you feel bold and ready enough to step out on your own authority? There is a shiny invitation waiting on your doorstep that include clear instructions– change your reality.


If you are/were in school, or learning a hot subject right now, do you value the teacher, institution or education received? Do you feel it was worth your hard work and are you better prepared for life? Encouragement is sent your way to make the best decisions you can, with the resources you have at your fingertips.

School sucks!

influential people

Do you feel relevant in this market we are in or do you feel pushed out by the change in patterns? This is a time for you to reassess where you stand in the communities you participate in. By communities I mean, fake friends, crappy DM’s, messages, and comments that do not boost who you are or what you do. Consider the vibration of the people you communicate with.

people on the move

Are you moving house or job right now? Running into frustrations can bring on unwanted thoughts of inadequacy, and helplessness. Limitations cannot keep you in your circumstances. In time, resigning paperwork and turning in necessary documents provide the fruits of all your labor. To finally get the hell out of dodge!

all poor souls who own a car

If you own a vehicle and have been putting off that oil change, repair, or tire buy, you may be in for a rude awakening. Its probably have been in your presence for a good week already. Vehicle repairs always show early of a retrograde period. Be sure to get to a mechanic and the possibility of getting dirty is inevitable if this is you find yourself car trouble.

People born with mercury in retrograde (no matter the sign)

Finding yourself quite balanced is a likely manifestation. Taking full stock of what you have to do and where to get the resources. Clarity is on the rise and its only a matter of time. Putting plans to paper surrounding your ideas has been a desire for years. The time to act is now!

Don’t know if you were born under Mercury Retrograde influence? Clicking HERE will take you our MENU where you can pull your natal chart. If you are a mercury retrograde, you will find a signature with either a red color or the letters RX.

the Gemini twins


  • Feeling airy, brain fog, and inability to communicate the way you wish.
  • Increase of issues surrounding travel and vehicles.
  • Reconsidering new strategies for schooling.
  • Redefining reality– the world as we know it looks different.


  • MEDITATION! Mental activity will feel wild for non-retrograde born people will be heavy, the mind is NOT your friend.
  • Yogic or restorative body movement at a fast pace or heated room.
  • Watching old movies that bring you joy.
  • Connecting with your kin and saying “what’s up”.


The conclusion is that Mercury retrograde should not keep you up at night, scared that all your electronics will blow up or that problems will arise constantly. Retrograde is a time of significant reflection and inward sight.

Staying to yourself, holding your tongue before you speak out, and deep conversations are high priorities of this “backward” feeling time. Be kind to yourself. If the thoughts do not surround how amazing and full of light you actually are, then you are encouraged to plug your ears.

Like with all things, this too shall pass!

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Lunation Station

New Moon in Pisces

Image: astrology wheel for New Moon
March 13, 2021

Winter feels like it may finally be retreating. The clouds are clearing, the skies are blue again and the harsh freezing winds are becoming “almost-but-not-quite-yet” spring breezes.There’s a fresh optimism pushing out the wintery need to snuggle, be cozy and stay warm. 

As the Sun shows up earlier, hangs around later and gives us more daylight, we have choices to make about which projects to start and who we give our spring-time energy to. We can use this warmer weather to plant our personal seeds- both veggie and spiritual- in preparation for the spring/summer season. Or, we can frolic freely in the sun’s rays with no concerns for what we will or won’t reap when the weather changes once again. 

Image: snow covered high desert landscape homestead

This New Moon is part of a Pisces stellium (a grouping of three or more planets) that is residing in the 2nd House of Taurus. The energy is strong and is directing us to embrace our human existence as we connect with other community-focused souls and calibrate what’s needed for our collective futures. The name of the game is resources- spiritual, emotional and material and how we acquire, store and share them. How we choose to play the game is up to us but our choices will have an effect on more than our individual self.

Surrounded by Neptune (the planet ruler of Pisces) the Sun and Venus, this New Moon shows us that we’re connected in so many ways. The way we communicate, stockpile our resources, maintain our homes and show up for others is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves ie. our self-worth. Good food, good music and good times are great- it’s how we share space and align, but are we prepared for when the socializing is over? Spending all that we’ve got to hang out, only to be too broke to get home may feel Piscean- who worries about tomorrow when we’re all so connected today- but it moves against Taurean sensibility. To not be self-contained, self-nurturing and emotionally self-reliant seems a rather high price for the Taurean Bull to pay.

Image: Bowl of morning collection of multicolored farm fresh eggs from the homestead

The intensity of these four planets-Venus, Neptune, Sun and Moon- in the 2nd House points to the things that make us feel stable and secure ie. the foundation we stand on and how we manage our hard worked for and hard earned resources- money, food, home. Showing up for others is only productive when we’ve done the work of showing up for ourselves. After all, we don’t plan and work hard for the things we don’t feel we’re connected to and deserving of.

Watery Pisces (Venus, Neptune, Moon, Sun) wants us to find our connective happiness, while earthy Taurus (2nd House) wants us to take careful stock of the seeds we’re planting for the future and what those yields may be. Because there’s a much larger picture that requires the few to dream big enough for everybody, we’re being urged to stretch our winter limbs and wake up our emotional radar to find and connect with folks that feel like family and help bring these big dreams to fruition. 

Inage: Cast iron Dutch oven cooking over hot coals in fire pit homestead

Humans aren’t meant to be alone for the sheer sake of survival and being in communion with others is how we gauge where we are on our personal journeys. Although searching for this familiar/familial energy feels prescient and urgent- we’ve had a year of Covid lockdown on top of our usual winter hibernation and the need to socially connect is strong- the New Moon asks us to slow our collective roll to fully digest how comfortable and prepared we are to show up and be present in public spaces. 

By looking across the wheel at the polarity of the 8th House, (natural home to Scorpio and it’s planet ruler of Mars), we see an empty house with no planetary placements at the time of the New Moon- but don’t let the “empty” house fool you. More than a vacant “pie piece”, vacant houses are open and allowing- almost as if anything is possible. The lack of opposing planets means there’s less conflict, we’re able to explore and discover- and in this case an open 8th House pushes us to explore and discover what’s hidden and a bit taboo about ourselves. 

Image: heavy duty gloved hand removing cast iron lid from Dutchoven cooking over hot coals homestead

The 8th House gets a bad rap. The prevailing narrative is one of being hungry for power, deception, manipulation, death and sex. In this narrative there’s nothing but destruction, money problems, insecurity and a neurotic need to be in control of how others see us. When 8th House placements are in a natal chart or come up in a reading folks tend to think death is on the horizon- for them or someone they love, and that they’re surrounded by lies. 

In truth, the 8th House is where we make our greatest strides in our Astrological evolution. There is death in the 8th House yes, but in a more cyclical way. The death of old habits, outgrown relationships, changes in our lives that seek to push out what no longer serves us. Personal growth can be gradual or take place in dramatic shifts. With the 8th house open and clear this New Moon, it allows us to focus on what we have and how we can use our resources to establish and reinforce our self- confidence, ie. strengthening our base. 

Image: Dutchoven firepit roasted chicken, green cabbage and tomato salad and homemade naan bread homestead

Use these tentative “pre-spring” days to take stock of your material and emotional resources- how prepared are you for the coming days of Spring and Summer and the inevitable Winter that will follow? Are you confidently coming out into the world to bring your talents to the table to share with others? Or, are you showing up hungry for external validation? 

External validation is tricky- on one hand it can affirm what we think about ourselves to help us gauge how we’re moving through the world. On the other hand the real goal is to fine tune our internal barometers so that we’re full, self-reliant, self-sustaining and don’t rely on the fickle opinions of others. The goal is to expand the way we see ourselves by refining our self-reliance, redefining our self-image and strengthening our self-confidence because our self-worth is how we feel about ourselves after all.

Image: logo
Lunation Station

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius DEC.14.2020

The portal to untapped potential

It’s past us now, but something feels different. 

Now that the dust plume has settled, let’s tune into our bodies for a quick moment. How do you feel physically? 

Be honest?

There could be a real sense of confusion about what we see as reality. The mind could be frantically looking for answers that seem to have a delay, “…wait, I know this one”. You could be feeling exposed, exhausted, and have nothing left to give mentally. Inside you could be feeling tension in the chest and have a steady uneasy feeling in the belly. This could also present outwardly as blankly staring at the ground with or a gaze that seems cloudy and distant. You may hear a faint ringing in the ears.


You could be having active dream states, where the mind races with new thoughts or old ideologies and revisits the places and events that brought you to this very moment in life. Maybe you find yourself walking on the precipice of something huge with a sense of elation. In your body, this feels like a warm energetic release radiating from your core to the tips of your limbs. You may find yourself taking in deep cleansing breaths of realization throughout the day- the vastness of what it means to be alive contained in each air exchange. There may still be sounds of ringing in the ears, but if you get real quiet, it becomes a low hum. 

With Sagittarius and Gemini as polar opposites, we could find ourselves trying to Identify the varying degrees of the way we feel. Polarities in life bring us to subtle changes in our day to day functions as we realize that we are never just ONE expression of emotion. At first, this can feel maddening – feelings intensify when we finally put full attention to them. But what it could be offering is more compassion for all the facets that shine through you. 

There was no good or bad way to experience this New Moon and Solar Eclipse, we will feel the influences throughout 2021. Embrace knowing yourself, investigate your emotions to get closer to your inner truth, and experience your authentic expression (Sagittarius). However, don’t lose sight of redefining what that knowledge is, as what that looks and feels like changes when we express ourselves authentically in the moment (Gemini).

Topics Covered In This Article

  • What were the energies of this eclipse–The intent?
  • How the Nodes of the Moon direct us during this Solar Eclipse.
  • Physical symptoms of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. 
  • What Happens Now, What Moves This Forward? 
  • How this Eclipse leads us Into the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2020. 

Main energies of this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

As the days pass we will uncover things that were hidden or “eclipsed”. We might find ourselves rediscovering these hidden thoughts or actions throughout 2021 due to Gemini and Sagittarius popping up three times during next year’s Eclipse cycles. 

Total Lunar Eclipse May 26, 2021 in Sagittarius @5°

Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021 in Gemini @19° 

Total Solar Eclipse  December 3rd, 2021 in Sagittarius @12°

We may as well get nice and comfy with this energy and learn how to best serve ourselves and our realizations fully. 

  1. We may find ourselves going back to school.
    • This could be literally taking up higher education (Sagittarius)
    • Evaluating our religious beliefs (Sagittarius)
    • Taking in more knowledge from various outlets (Gemini)
  2. We may find ourselves teaching
    • Finding our inner strength to realize what we know is true for many (Sagittarius)
    • We could be disseminating more information by getting on social media and spreading messages (Gemini).
  3. We could be looking for better jobs that give more to our inner faculties. 
  4. We could be saying NO for the first time in our lives.
  5. We could be dusting something off that hasn’t been used in a while. 
  6. We could be moving to a different country, state, or house. 

With the varying degrees of sensitivities we all possess, this Lunation will not disappoint, it’s giving us a chance to figure it all out and get it “right” according to our individual constitutions. Remember, no matter where you are in your journey, don’t worry if you’re not feeling these shifts yet, you will!

How the Nodes of the Moon are directing us

The North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius is a mental game of who knows best. Is it better to be informed by continually gathering information to describe your reality as you know it (Gemini)? Or does it feel better to take a risk by trusting your internal knowledge and forging ahead, not much caring what others think (Sagittarius)? The areas in our lives that these forces will touch varies vastly from person to person based on Natal Chart placements, but rest assured we are all collectively feeling the burn somewhere. 

How Do We Move Forward?

Moving from side to side

We look to the next Eclipse cycle beginning on May 26, 2021, to usher in new energy patterns to expand on past events and to look at what we are going through in the present, These energies offer insight into our internal value, what others may think of us, our resources or lack thereof, and financial gains and losses. When we get clear about our personal effects for the rest of this year, we will see an abundance of wealth, take time to think about what that means to you. Wealth can manifest as finances, the love we have been searching for, health, or unhindered access to the things that bring us joy. I’d say we’re on to some amazing things, so don’t lose sight of where you are right now, realize this too shall pass. 

Ushering the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2020

From the end of one era into the dawn of the next, this Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is the birth of a new 20-year cycle. Take time to get clear on your intentions and usher what you want into your life. 

2020 Winter Solstice is brought to you by the sign of Capricorn and will NOT disappoint! 

More on this to come!

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Thank you for participating in the grandness of life with us!

Sat Nam and Many blessings!

Kei Leonine & Charumati

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