Relationship Synastry



Relationship Synastry

Finding and keeping deep meaningful connections is central to the human experience. Discover the benefits of Relationship Synastry where we compare the Natal charts of two people to uncover the true nature and intention of the bond – whether friendship, familial or romantic relationship. 

Having a Synastry chart erected is not fated information, but a road map for compassion as you learn more about the person you are involved  with. It allows for open opportunities and tools for success. Whether you are contemplating bonds that should be kept or ones that should be released, allow our intuitive & astrological guidance to lead you to what feels right internally.  

This service is right for you if:

  • You realize there is a special connection you’d like to dive deeper into. 
  • You’re wanting to find compatible traits between you and another person.
  • To find the Karmic intent of 2 people. 
  • You want to change the dynamic in your relationship.


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