Your Astrological Career Report



Your Astrological Career Report

With an astrological Career Imprint and the help of your Natal chart, you will first, glean the occupation or vocation to study for. Secondly, you learn what to become an authority in, so you know where you strengths and weaknesses lye. Lastly, you discover how bestow these gifts to the world.

This astrological career report will be based on many planetary and house placement factors. Many of these factors include your Venus, Mercury, and Neptune placements along with Zodiac signs they reside in.

There is clarification of career and global recognition through the synthesis of your unique astrological placements. You will learn how these influences impact your natural talents and where to start.

Unearth the gifts you’re meant to offer the world and by proxy, you will receive the inner satisfaction knowing you are where you want to be and the first steps to get there.

This service is right for me because I:

  • Just changed jobs and I have been talking about the plan to leave.
  • Believe in Astrology’s dive into the psyche and its techniques for success in my life.
  • Have been wanting to move up in position due to dissatisfaction with the current position.
  • Desire to be a freelancer so I can take my earnings into my own hands. 
  • Need to carry out my dreams of being an entrepreneur.
  • Seek a complete career change, despite my previous training and schooling.
  • Crave to know where I fit best.
  • Want to know where I can serve the world in the best ways possible. 

Increase your wealth and upgrade your life

Enrich your life by giving service to the world and showing up as your best self. In so doing you will be amazed by how the universe orchestrates events and creates a need for you to achieve your internal desires for a rewarding career.


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