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the many elements that go into reading a birth chart

Pulling a birth chart brings all kinds of needs to the surface. Oftentimes, we want to know about how our lover fits into our lives. Asking the larger questions surrounding career, especially if you feel nervous to make a move. Solar Return and Soul Charts either talk about you as a whole or help you understand the new year ahead. Whatever your journey looks like, we are here to help. 

Do you find yourself at a turning point in your life? Then a chart reading service would be the right touch to insert perspective and positive upliftment. Let us show you how circumstances can change from limitation to abundance!

The Astrology or “lineage” we study and practice at Astrology in The Wild is Evolutionary Astrology. It’s Soul centered, purpose driven lineage connecting past life expression to current life experience. Special attention is given to the Lunar Nodes of the Moon, the Planet Pluto, and the synthesis of your chart placements.

We make the choice simple for you. Learn your chart on your own, or allow us the pleasure of showing you the steps. When you know your birth chart, you know your inner self at a deeper, more expansive level. We know how serendipitous a birth chart reading can be, it can clarify situations in your life that have all to often seemed coincidental, unnecessary, and painful. However, as a result, when it makes sense you expand and uplift your consciousness.

*All readings give you the option for face to face interaction and connection through Zoom or Skype by appointment.

**Other forms of payment accepted are Zelle, Cashapp, & Venmo and YES! We do snail mail, so check is O.K. Please email to make any arrangements outside of web payment.

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