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Today we are under a nostalgic, family-oriented Moon. Cancer is the natural ruler of the Moon which means the Cancer archetype drives the experience.

Whether you were born under a Cancer Moon or it’s just the Moon’s transit through the sign, you will notice the themes and experiences revolve around the same themes.

Through this roughly 2.5 day cycle that the Moon is in the sign of Cancer, we quite often experience many states of connection, digestion, emotional processing, and family interaction.

The Sun is how we “do” our lives, the tenacity, and fervor with which we push through to our destiny. Well then, what exactly does the Moon do? Keep reading below to find out how you would personalize and shape your life if you were born under a Cancer Moon or you were heavily influenced by the Moons transitions through the sign in any given Lunar cycle.

What is a person like with a Moon in Cancer?

A Moon in the sign of Cancer makes for an emotionally alert person, aware of the many subtle changes in someone’s mood or attitude. They are one of the most empathic Moon signs of the Zodiac because the sign of Cancer with the addition of the Moon plays off the same frequencies and influences.

Fully equipped Cancer Moons can deal with heavy doses of emotional processing, motivated and inclined to ask, “How are you feeling”? That question is not only directed at those they care deeply about but is directed inward– it’s something they ask themselves quite often.

Like an amazing well communicated Podcast, a Cancer Moon can have a whole ass conversation in their head about the way they feel, how others might be feeling, and how to get to the bottom of knowing– they want to literally process everything.

The curiosity of these people tends to be on the extreme side as they like to know who they are dealing with and how they should position themselves to feel about it. Like a crab, the ebb and flow, advance than retreat is protection. This delicate crab walks sideways to carefully craft and avoids pitfalls through uncomfortable situations.

How would a Moon in Cancer make their lives personal and unique?

You cannot rush me and you will not rush me! In the lives of Cancer Moon people are motivated to have the opportunity to think about how they want to feel. Running into impatience and situations of being rushed is not okay to these soft-bellied individuals. As a result, exposure of any vulnerable parts that have not yet been assigned an emotional understanding feels baffling and unsafe.

What does a Cancer Moon need to look out for?

When you are either born under this influence or are having a very Cancer day with the Moon’s transit, you can be sure there will be very physical signs and areas of the body that need attention.

  • Stomach- This area is the most sensitive part of an individual. Extreme sensitivity to foods, spice, and foods that encourage slow digestion is a trigger for prolonged discomfort.
  • Teeth- The teeth are sensitive to Cancer because the teeth represent the sign of Capricorn. Cancer and Capricorn are natural opposites of each other, valuing one another for their strength, but approaching life from a different door. We often lack what we have less of.

Are you hungry? Let me feed you!!

This combination always has something in the kitchen cooking. The joy of being home comes over them so much, that they take full advantage of what their home has to offer. Baking, frying foods, and comforting desserts feed the needs of the Soul and are never turned away.

The Moon & mothers influence

A Cancer Moon will have a common motherly influence– they felt loved and supported by a mother figure. The mom either is a very controlling and prominent figure in this person’s life or a positive nurturing figure.

In the worst cases, some people with this cancerian lunar influence, experience the loss of or lack of presence from their mother. Either way, it can either be too much or too little depending on a persons life experience.

What are the emotional effects of a Cancer Moon?

With time they open up. The first interactions can be surface because these people tend to be fiercely private. Opening up to someone they trust or has been in their lives for many years feels easier to participate in. They would never open their whole life story to someone they’ve just met at a party.

These lunar creatures affect and invoke the emotions of others and not even realize you are doing with it. Because the Moon represents mother, security, and comfort, when a person is around a Cancer Moon it becomes a cathartic experience. A person feels okay to let their guard down and receive advice from a wise information keeper– the holder of ancient knowledge and practice.

The spiritual meaning of this lunar influence

The spiritual connection a person will have is a deep understanding of all that happens to them because they have emotionally processed it to the fullest extent. Not an easy feat!

The crab offers guidance towards change in terms of whether we do or we don’t. This Moon wants you to grow and expand your emotional intelligence because it is the backbone of the macrocosm.

How does your Moon get down in Cancer? Find out which house your Moon falls under!

First House

Sure about the way they feel and never willing to back down. Outspoken and sensitive to others criticism.

Second House

Emotionally satisfied when finances are in order, may be prone to negative self talk or have self confidence issues.

Third House

Maybe a writer or person who emotionally connects to media or literature. Well-spoken with a knack for traveling across many cities for a quick bite to eat.

Fourth House

Is centered around motherhood or the lack of mothering qualities experienced in life. Makes for an emotionally in touch individual.

Fifth House

Creative and fertile placement. May feel inclined to make things with their hands for self-gratification.

Sixth House

Could be heavily influenced by work-life balance and may need to exercise more than other placements.

Seventh House

This person will be obsessed with marriage or the relationships in their lives. Bringing them to a state of peace will be of utmost importance.

Eighth House

This person will heavily identify with occult type rituals and practices. They will be psychic or can easily carry medium-like qualities.

Ninth House

These people are concerned with their home and changing it up often. They may also be heavy book worms, extremely scholarly and have the need to travel across seas often.

Tenth House

A natural-born leader, ready to step up to the plate even if you don’t feel “ready enough” to start. Ambitious, slow, or nervous to take the lead. Exercise is needed with this placement.

Eleventh House

Heavily influenced by friend groups and communities you participate in. Could enjoy social media immensely and have a lot to contribute to its platforms.

Twelfth House

Concerned with meaningful career and time for getting lost in spiritual or unconscious spaces. This person will have vivid dreams and imaginations.

Self-care reminders when the Moon is in transit to Cancer

  • Taking a long hot shower or bath is a good way to reset the energy, bath/pool is preferred.
  • Take delight in eating seafood if you are not allergic, the flavor may be more intensified during this period.
  • Washing your hair cleanses the energies you are receptive to while out in the world. Washing those away during this period will feel revitalizing.
  • Cancer is a water sign and reminds us to drink plenty of water and other hydrating fluids.
  • Cry as much as you need/like, the desire will be immense or unexpected.
  • Light a burnt offering and tell someone you love them through a thoughtful and impromptu conversation. Vulnerability will be easier to lean into and illicit.

Closing thoughts

This Moon is one where you have high chances of understanding how the world works. If you are able to use your emotions as an intelligent center of knowledge, you will, as a result, reach higher states of happiness.

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Lunation Station

Gemini New Moon & Solar Eclipse


thursday (July 10th, 2021)!

how will it effect your sign?

Welcome back to Lunation Station! By now, if you haven’t noticed, things are getting glaringly clear. The New Moon in Gemini occurring June 10th, 2021 is forcing us to refresh the way we rely on ourselves. Trusting your gut, foresight, and vision are key factors with this strong influence of air fueled energy.

Do you trust your head? I mean…do you trust your thoughts and what comes from your mind? These will be larger factors for us all as we process the new reality we are wanting to step into.


A New Moon in Gemini closes out the old and ushers in the new feelings of life. I think we all have been trying to put some things to bed. Here we feel inspired to either pick back up where we left off or gather the courage to refine and begin something new.

The desire to expand your reality is here, now that the Lunar Eclipse 2 weeks ago has uncovered its main purpose. Do you feel close to new ideas? As a result of this new reality, your desires will take the reigns and the chance to redefine reality as you know it comes full force.

Are you or have you been writing something from your heart? Is there a book you want to publish or work you want to put out in the world, finally? If the answer is yes to any of these, you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease to which you can accomplish it. Dedication and grit can get you to many places.

This Moon in Gemini June 10th, 2021, is not only a New Moon, but also a Solar Eclipse– intensity and purpose that are larger than yourself breeds awakening. This means that life will not be the same and you may feel forever changed. Higher influences forge a way, making it really hard to return to old expressions you no longer want to experience. With Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Gemini currently, expansion of this idea brings ultimate states of no turning back. Check the article out HERE.


With this New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini, the reality we are facing is being able to financially support ourselves the way we were once able to. Planet Venus is adding emotional undertones of relationship balance and the need to process things. Above all, taking time for yourself will need to be necessary.

Mercury in Retrograde in the communicative sign of Gemini, forces us to go inward with these thoughts. As a result, we may not be inclined to share how we feel. However if we do, we are pleasantly surprised at the reciprocation we experience. Give it a try!

Whether these thoughts are negative or positive, the time is here to revamp the way we speak to ourselves. The idea is to start injecting a more positive outlook to our mental process. Its important to not sugar coat what you’re experiencing rather, to look at a situation as multifaceted. Its not one or the other, its both.


  • Your abilities are valid
  • Opinions about yourself must come from the heart, not from the minds of others.
  • Stop worrying about what others are thinking. Or take longer moments for yourself to escape the bullsh*t.
  • This is about your relationship to you, no one else.


What might be glaringly clear is that a lot of what you repeat to yourself or say in your head isn’t of your own making. Because Gemini rules the mind, these themes will stand out. Taking a long deep breath as you contemplate, who do those thoughts originate from? Replaying situations can look a lot like…”well I’ll be damned, I took and ran with that and it wasn’t even mine to carry!”

Do people ever try and finish your sentences? It may be maddening at times, because no matter how hard they guess, they still cant get it right. If they would just listen, they might get a chance to hear your part of the story instead of the one that’s going on in theirs. This New Moon helps us notice at a basic level that this is healthy to look at. The sign of Gemini wants us to take a step back and listen.


These transits will effect us all differently. As a result we have included each sun sign and be sure to read for your rising sign.


Relationship structures are breaking down to be built back up. Emotional maturity and digestion are necessary to move forward. However, being right is not the most important factor in life. Redefining truth is true relationship strength. Focusing on your hopes and dreams for the future will help you make sensible choices. Because of the depth of the topics you’ll be evaluating, emotions may be all over. EMOTIONS WILL CALLIBRATE.


Seeing that spiritual pursuits in life have taken a backseat is a likely realization. Are you reading the texts that make you believe in the larger orchestration of beauty and life? Feeling in the now will be important as you realize there is still so much to learn– its never ending, so breathe. We already know you thinkin bout that money…so, MEDITATE and MANIFEST. Money comes and money goes.


I’m not going to lie, y’all will be hit the hardest. There. I said it. There is so much going on up their in that brilliant brain of yours and pretty much everything is on the chopping block for revision. However, not every part of you needs to be changed. Discarding the mental thoughts that don’t belong to you are good moves. Childhood trauma ring a bell? Because aggression may be high, getting it out safely is a must. High pitched screaming and pillow punching anyone? Mercury drives communication to an all time high. Letting out what has been tucked deep inside is a likely occurrence. LISTEN UP.


The Moon is in a dreamy state at the moment. It feels good to get lost in the possibility of what could be, because the options are innumerable. A force that may be closing in is the need to harness a little more focus and intent toward the foundation of your life. Taking care of home affairs, applying healthy practices to your day and feeling the newness of the approaching Summer on our skin. The items in life that need readjustment are intuitively clear and are healthy to implement. FOUNDATION.


While you may be full of ideas and creativity, its good to slow down a bit. We want to be a jack of all trades, but we must try and master one. Taking one thing at a time is not only difficult, but seems to be futile. Putting the fire of life to work has been a long time coming. Revisiting old ideas will be wonderful musings because the things you thought about putting into action 4 months ago will still be worth putting energy towards. SINGLE FOCUS.


The energies of the Sun and Moon will guide you to knew creative pursuits, its time to trust your mental process– it’s what leads you. There is more at work, guiding to what’s right in the world and serves the needs of our time. You might consider more input at this time as you use the Summer to gain an upper leg and get ahead on your ideas. GIVE YOURSELF MORE TIME.


You’ll find yourself forced to consider if you should step outside of your normal way of doing things. As a result, emotional digestion about what’s happened will be made clear. Relationships and their dynamic are at the top of your list. It may be necessary to investigate your feelings, but to also give someone another chance. GIVE AND TAKE.


Moving around in the world learning and growing, how much of that time do you spend on your creative process? When you learn to start trusting it, your foresight and vision are enough. It may seem hard to break away from rigid processes and old structures in terms of the way we do things. You are an artist of transformation and the only way to do it is through your creativity.. TIME TO TRUST.


This is a fine time for you to finally put to paper these plans you’ve been toiling with Sag. Planet Jupiter shows its time to stop talking about it and actually being about it. You do know your stuff and over the past year you have undoubtedly stepped up your game. You should be proud. Continue moving forward with your plans and never forget the limitless opportunities afforded to you. PEN TO PAPER.


Planet Saturn has been messing around with you all year, forcing the hand of change. For instance, you know things are physically changing and the need to refine the process to stay up to date is here. You’re not creating enough and the sign of Gemini would like to remind you of your potentiality. BELIEVE IT BEFORE YOU SEE IT.


Learning how to stand on your own two feet on solid stability is your lesson this cycle. Its not a matter of not being able to, its opening your eyes to the fact you’ve been put through situations for growth. You know all the rules so you can figure out how to break them. Ultimately, the cheat code is uncovered and solutions can be reached. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


New ideas around your career are factors for your concern. Where you want to be and how to get there can be easily achieved through educating yourself. Going back to school could be a theme or taking a few classes for refreshing is in order. You may also face having to stand your ground and stick up for yourself. Its a good time to stand in your power Pisces. STAND TALL.


One important way we can honor this New Moon in Gemini which also happens to be a Solar Eclipse is to be present. There are many things trying to come through you, ideas, creative musings and information for us all to benefit from. Please don’t hold back. We must give our all because….what else are we doing with our lives?

  • Firstly, turn on your favorite tunes and open up all of your windows.
  • Secondly, give a burnt offering: Incense, candles, Palo Santo, sage, etc.
  • Use the burnt offering smoke to clear the corners of your home. Give blessings to your home, your clothes, your food and the people around you as you walk through your house. This is your ritual, anything goes!
  • Drink plenty of fluids today and eat simply, minimally, or not at all June 10th, 2021. Its healthy to want the feelings of being light on your feet.
  • Moreover, its important to finish the last little projects you have laying around. In addition, put things away that are hanging around and creating mental clutter.
  • Finally, sit down with your favorite journal and ask the heavens for an opening to your truest expression. As to be shown the light, the path, and the calling.


The moral to this New Moon in Gemini & Solar Eclipse is to take it easy, listen, and follow your heart. While there is a lot to absorb, you’re encouraged to take what fits and toss the rest away. If you could only enjoy being in the moment and feeling gratitude these next few days, you’ve won.

Stay wild, stay true to your genuine expression, and don’t be afraid to show the world what you have to give!


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Today, we are blessed to be under the influence of a Taurian Moon- my natal signature, and secret Zodiacal crush! This is where the Moon has made its way around the “wheel” two and a half days at a sign to the sign of Taurus. Here, similar traits associated with a Taurus Sun are represented. However, it is also sprinkled with an emotional plot twist due to the Lunar influence.

The Sun is how we “do” our lives- the tenacity and fervor with which we push through to our destiny. Well then, what exactly does the Moon “do”? Keep reading below to find out how you personalize and shape your life if you are born under a Taurus Moon. This also applies to you if you are heavily influenced by the Moons transitions through the signs in any given Lunar cycle.

What makes this Moon the comfort and resource magnet? Taurus represents the physical manifestation of an idea, thought process, or urge. Bringing balance through feeling safe and secure with plenty of resources to go around is what feels most comfortable. When something is needed, this Taurus Moon says it out loud and somehow, it appears!

What does it mean to have a Taurus Moon?

A Moon in the sign of Taurus makes for a very comfortable, huggable, and lovable person. Connection through the five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight is pertinent to healthy immune and nervous system function.

How food tastes and the effort expended to make rich and beautifully appealing fare is a trait that never goes unnoticed. A Taurus Moon KNOWS FOOD. They are crafty with meal preparation as well as incorporating healing ingredients. Liking to produce “just enough” to satisfy themselves and those they love. However on any given day this comfort loving Taurus may go to extremes to ensure that there will be “enough” because emotional connection to food is so important. Having “enough” is part of the Taurian archetype and food storing is one of the main intuitive practices for survival.

Are you ready to see a tactile person who is obsessed with diverse feelings and textures? Than look no further than a Taurus Moon! A Taurus Moon expects that the environment they inhabit contains a pleasing esthetic they deeply connect to- home is what feeds the Bull. What surrounds them is a testament to how beautiful they view life to be. Touch offers reflection on how a person wants to be touched by others. Its hard not to want an embrace or feel the subtle sensations caused by being in contact with another.

One common marker for a person with a Taurus Moon is possibly being a workaholic- not knowing when to say no. Large amounts of overtime can be expected. Taurus Moons have a rough time with change when it affects the bottom line– less willing to change.

How would a Taurus Moon make their lives personal and unique?

Can I have what I want forever and ever? A Moon in this sign thinks of a sustainable life in the largest sense of the word. They want so badly to provide the things they need on a continual basis and hold a strong desire for the Earth and environment to have this too. This includes those with Taurus influence- burgeoning pantries, freezers, and pavilions full of food to last months, even years into the future is a representation of sustaining. You can see this influence in their homes as well. Their spaces are often full of house plants and plenty of comfy places to rest your body.

Nature is a go-to in life as a Moon in Taurus connects deeply to the symphonic rhythm of the Earth and its natural cycles. Sitting in a meadow, staring off into space while enjoying the deepening of the body into the ground beneath them is a common, yet, grounding expression of this Moon.

You will find that these people are excessive foodies and willing to try anything that has the promise of rich undertones and satiating flavor. A long love affair and appreciation for slow cooking such as crock pots, baking, or fermenting is common. These activities remind the Taurean that flavor and connection comes from long relationships. Brilliant chefs with this expression find great success as others find deep comfort in the taste pallet of someone who emotionally connects with food.

What does a Taurus Moon need to look out for?

When you are born under this influence or are having a very bull-ish day with the Moon’s transit, you can be sure there will be very physical signs and area’s of the body that need attention.

• Knees- The knees are a sensitive part of not only a Sun in Taurus, but also a Moon in the sign. Besides the feet (Pisces), the knees are one of the most important functions of stability and mobility.
• Throat- Because Taurus represents the Throat Chakra or “energy center” at the throat. This area may be sensitive at times. This is a common occurrence when speaking your truth. Self confidence teeters on the edge of being “too real” and the risk of alienating ones self may fell overwhelming.

NO, you may NOT come over unannounced! Space + Privacy

These people value space and privacy to a fault! So it would only be natural that you couldn’t just pop over to their house for an impromptu meeting. Ultimately, time is preparation before you come over! They gently ensure everything is in its place. They prepare crackers , cheese, pour two glasses of wine, and await your arrival. Planned visits so hey are able to provide a nurturing space that feels good to them and to you. Spontaneity is intrusive and discombobulating- robbing this person of their energy and ability to be present.

The Moon & mothers influence

Noticing how important our mothers influence is over our lives is another topic of conversation. However, when you have a Moon in Taurus, you may have a certain type of relationship with your mother. She may be a source of financial influence and resources when your stacks are down. She may also be your “rock”. An emotional support person when the pitfalls of life feel like they’re too much to handle.

What are the emotional effects of a Taurus Moon?

Emotionally a Taurus Moon may be a little more detached than most because they are slower at processing their emotions. Retreating to take time to work through what has happened and how they feel about it is their only conclusion. Making a decision is rough for a Taurus Moon because of the slowness needed – think slow crockpot cooking. Decisions are careful thoughts and planning.

This person may seem slow to change certain unhealthy habits and associations initially. It wont take long for the realization to set in that a new course of action must be achieved.

The “bull in the china shop” is a common approach. When they haven’t had the time to pull back or process and they may feel backed into a corner. The bullish, pointy horned creature can break out to charge past what makes them feel stuck.

What is the spiritual meaning of a Moon in Taurus?

A Moon in Taurus will ultimately connect you to the deeper, yet more physical sense of what spirituality means. Connecting to physical totems, cycles and growth patterns of the Earth helps bring the ethereal realm into a spiritual one. These people will tend to believe in something higher. It may not be in God per se, but moreover what connects us universally will be of high importance. Practices that are tested and true are comfortable for grounded Taurus Moons.

Closing thoughts

Having a transit or a Natal Moon in Taurus can make them a sensual, grounded and connected individual. This person will be one who is talented, confident and resourceful in their own right. It is a time where we must celebrate where we are in our journey. Honor any practices that have to deal with the body.

Have a cosmically connected day! Stay tuned for more Moon information as I track its transits in my new Moon Series this month!

Many, many blessings to you all.

Kei Leonine

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Did you check out our last post on Mercury Retrograde in Gemini??

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Mercury Retrograde Resources

Mercury Retrograde in GEMINI

Mercury retrograde 2021

Three days after the initial transit, (planetary placement) the planet Mercury resides in the sign of Gemini– Retrograde. In this article we dive into the activating origins of this Mercury Retrograde and explain how to stay out of dodge until it all blows over.

Lets get to business breaking down the energy of this three week period and how you can best serve yourself at this moment of introspection.


Firstly, how does it make you feel, any different? You’ll notice it more as you interact with others who seem off-balance.

Notice the traffic out there now that everyone is back to “normal”? If your reply is “crappy”, then I know we are on the same page. I’m sure of it and yes, people could have lost their minds…however, Gemini, Mercury and the 3rd house of the Zodiacal wheel (the “pie” in the sky any time a snapshot is taken) all rule communication, our mental capacity, transportation, and the exchange of ideas.

“pie in the sky” Astrology Wheel

On a positive note, it is the blaring reminder that you have things you need to finish. What area’s of your life need cleaning these days? Scarcity due to unchecked attitudes, assets, and relationship dynamics are influential flavors with the North Node of the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury all in the sign of Gemini. Exploring the 8th house of hidden affairs, taxes, conception, and transformation will result in mental breakthroughs and rude awakenings.


When any planet is in Retrograde, we can humbly accept the challenge of going within, or dive into a sea of crazy because the “world is conspiring” against you, despite your best efforts. Not true! The invitation is here to see a reflection of what you look like on the outside…sometimes. Ouch.

“Taking a step back when you’re met with unreasonable, sketchy behavior is good practice – re-treat with retro-grade.”

Pull out your post it notes! Writing these reminders down and placing them where you brush your teeth helps your manifestation results.

Retrograde “prescription”
  • I will finish what I started.
  • I will clear dirty corners of my life.
  • Retrograde prepares me for greatness


Never fear, this is not a time where everything in the world that could happen will. This is simply a period when you can expect unexpected things to happen– regular life stuff, right? This Retrograde begins May 29th, 2021, possibly felt more fully on the 30th. This activation period will last until June 22nd, 2021.


Collectively, the energy from our relationships will present its importance. Moreover, witnessing ourselves inside the dynamic of being connected to others will be puzzling. Are we confident we can trust them, or do they continually betray our trust?

Approaching new levels of consciousness involves breaking the old cycle of habits that keep you in repression. Who is it that you can no longer take directives from? Do you feel bold and ready enough to step out on your own authority? There is a shiny invitation waiting on your doorstep that include clear instructions– change your reality.


If you are/were in school, or learning a hot subject right now, do you value the teacher, institution or education received? Do you feel it was worth your hard work and are you better prepared for life? Encouragement is sent your way to make the best decisions you can, with the resources you have at your fingertips.

School sucks!

influential people

Do you feel relevant in this market we are in or do you feel pushed out by the change in patterns? This is a time for you to reassess where you stand in the communities you participate in. By communities I mean, fake friends, crappy DM’s, messages, and comments that do not boost who you are or what you do. Consider the vibration of the people you communicate with.

people on the move

Are you moving house or job right now? Running into frustrations can bring on unwanted thoughts of inadequacy, and helplessness. Limitations cannot keep you in your circumstances. In time, resigning paperwork and turning in necessary documents provide the fruits of all your labor. To finally get the hell out of dodge!

all poor souls who own a car

If you own a vehicle and have been putting off that oil change, repair, or tire buy, you may be in for a rude awakening. Its probably have been in your presence for a good week already. Vehicle repairs always show early of a retrograde period. Be sure to get to a mechanic and the possibility of getting dirty is inevitable if this is you find yourself car trouble.

People born with mercury in retrograde (no matter the sign)

Finding yourself quite balanced is a likely manifestation. Taking full stock of what you have to do and where to get the resources. Clarity is on the rise and its only a matter of time. Putting plans to paper surrounding your ideas has been a desire for years. The time to act is now!

Don’t know if you were born under Mercury Retrograde influence? Clicking HERE will take you our MENU where you can pull your natal chart. If you are a mercury retrograde, you will find a signature with either a red color or the letters RX.

the Gemini twins


  • Feeling airy, brain fog, and inability to communicate the way you wish.
  • Increase of issues surrounding travel and vehicles.
  • Reconsidering new strategies for schooling.
  • Redefining reality– the world as we know it looks different.


  • MEDITATION! Mental activity will feel wild for non-retrograde born people will be heavy, the mind is NOT your friend.
  • Yogic or restorative body movement at a fast pace or heated room.
  • Watching old movies that bring you joy.
  • Connecting with your kin and saying “what’s up”.


The conclusion is that Mercury retrograde should not keep you up at night, scared that all your electronics will blow up or that problems will arise constantly. Retrograde is a time of significant reflection and inward sight.

Staying to yourself, holding your tongue before you speak out, and deep conversations are high priorities of this “backward” feeling time. Be kind to yourself. If the thoughts do not surround how amazing and full of light you actually are, then you are encouraged to plug your ears.

Like with all things, this too shall pass!

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Lunation Station

Full Moon in Virgo

Image: two blue fish chasing tails in a circle against dark blue sky with stars

On February 26th/27th the Full Moon in Virgo opposes the Sun in Pisces. This combination is guiding us to dive deep into the polarities of the material world of physical matter vs the ethereal plane of time and space. Because all Astrological happenings are a balancing act between opposing energies, neither is good or bad. Our observations create opportunities to see both sides, with each side offering the other chances to open up to previously unseen depths and growth.  

Although these placements won’t be in their native houses of 6 and 12 when the Full Moon comes, the Virgo/Pisces axis is strong and represents two important aspects of the human experience. Pisces Sun will be in House 3–our childhood education, our environment and how we move through space. And Full Moon in Virgo will be in House 9–higher education, religious and spiritual practice, and moving abroad.

Image: Astrology wheel for Virgo full Moon February 26th/27th, 2021

The water loving Sun sign in Pisces represents our connection to the Universe – it’s how each of us is tethered to every other entity in the cosmos- whether we choose to acknowledge this relationship or not. Pisces people have the innate ability to feel and believe that there is more to life than a daily grind. Due to this, The Fish experiences a persistent want to withdraw – the physical time and space constraints of the material world are heavy and limiting. They love people but there is an ever tugging need to disconnect and drift.

Pisces offers flavor to this Lunation — true happiness is based upon how you feel. The Piscean connection to the material world is less pragmatic than their polar opposite of Virgo. There is a want to lay back and float down the river to wherever the current takes them – one fish swimming above the surface watching the world go by, while the other swims deep beneath the waves lost in quiet timelessness. Both fish dance between perspectives trying to experience balance.

Image: grey skies, full moon over trees and water.

Meanwhile earthy Moon in Virgo is here to remind us that without the brickwork being laid we can’t begin to build – so there’s no time to drift off into dream states when you’ve got resources to stack. Virgo Moon displays hard earned emotional maturity, and consciously bypasses the feelings that lead to stagnation and selfishness. 

For the Virgo flavor to this Lunation, there is an ability to display superior life management skills that comes from wanting to get things done. When life is hectic and others can’t make heads nor tails of the chaos, Virgo has the energy and mind to focus. They bring it all into a “doable” perspective with ease and hard work- all calm and collected like. Virgo notices the details, and is good at devising strategies to implement and improve the process. By recognizing the steps needed to bring things into order, they are confident and assured, especially where teamwork is required.

Image: field of white. light and dark pink flowers, tall green grass, blue sky

Although Virgo does the work for the internal self-satisfaction of a job well done, there is altruism in their deeds. The self-sacrifice comes from an instinctive knowing that everyday won’t be a bright sunny day and somewhere in the distance winter is coming. They look farther down the road than most of us and are preparing for the inevitable moment when the harvests are not as abundant as expected and others need their help. Virgo participates in the work for the collective with a clear understanding of their place in the larger picture of community, or from the perspective of Pisces – the larger picture of humanity. 

Virgo shows up with a question: what’s the game plan? By dissecting existing methodology and taking stock of what’s available -ie. what’s working or not working efficiently then developing a step-by-step strategy for better ways to manage your resources, you’re more prepared and life becomes more manageable. Keep in mind that pushing hard to ensure higher returns can’t be at the expense of staying connected to the world.

Image: snow covered Buddha head on homestead

With all of the snow storms across the US this month, particularly in the state of Texas, this Full Moon wants us to take better care of ourselves by taking a more focused look at our systems and cycles– will we be prepared next time a natural disaster strikes or continue to flop and flounder like fish out of water?  

For this Full Moon in Virgo, watching some folks selfishly reap all of the benefits of everyone else’s’ hard work is maddening. All of us have something to contribute and everyone’s contributions don’t look the same. Not helping others when there is need is the epitome of an inefficient system, part of an outdated construct of an inept paradigm. 

Image: small white fish beneath the surface of dark blue water

No one will carry you when it really matters, they’ll be too busy carrying themselves. But there is an understanding that we all need a hand every once in a while, and as long as it’s an occasional hand-up and not a continuous handout Virgo is down to put in a little extra elbow grease to help move things along. The Virgo ability to self-sacrifice does have limits though –  new systems must be put in place that promote self-sufficiency and independence so that Virgo doesn’t have to give more than is comfortable.  

Use this Virgo Moon to investigate your own “stores”. It can be nourishing and productive to stare at the sky and dream about the possibilities of your life. But are your systems moving you toward your dreams, or are you constantly treading water? Definitely pause to admire the Water Lilies but don’t drown because you’re lost in their beauty.

Image: logo, jade triangle, gold circle, gold leaves, star, sun and moon
Lunation Station

Aquarian New Moon

Image astrological wheel for Aquarian New Moon February 11, 2021

February 11th 2021 the New Moon is in Aquarius, and Mercury is still retrograde. This strong energy wants us to revisit the unfinished energy exchanges that we’ve been carrying around on our backs for like, ever. Sifting through the past is painful. We like to think we’ve got it all together and since we don’t think about a thing, a person, or an experience that often then, well we must have forgiven. But that’s BS, and our bodies know it.

Finding new ways to deal with the old loads is the focus. The Psychology to how we process events in our lives is complicated, and we’re not licensed therapists. But we’ve done a bit of therapy and some intense self work. 

Shyte happens to everyone. What, who, how and why is particular and a touchy subject. Some people are able to have horrific things happen and come out on the other side seemingly unscathed. Some can go through things that may, on the surface, seem less significant but for them it is ingested as trauma. How each and every one of us takes in and names our experiences is personal and no one can speak to how someone else is affected. 

Image Aquarian New Moon February 11, 2021 dark background, white lettering, bright cresent moon

We were having a conversation about childhood this morning. One, that was personal, emotional, and intense. And the point was made that the energy felt crystallized; crystalized in the body and in the mind and in the spirit. It is the focus of psychology to work through our experiences, to give them voice and name and then to do the work to lessen the pain caused by those experiences. We almost never have to work hard at processing the things that bring us joy, unless of course, there is something traumatic attached to experiencing joy. 

Our emotions can exist in a state of stasis. Just lurking in muscle, nerves, and joints. When we revisit a memory, our minds process it in real time – as if we are four again and a parent forgot to pick us up when they said they would. Our minds are fanciful and magnificent computers. When our mind processes a new experience it looks for all of the proper emotions to attach to it – commands and executions. The thing is, it doesn’t discern time. It will attach a boat load of emotions to a simple task that triggers our bodies back to an exact time, space and place, all while you’re sitting at your desk trying to work. The mind can hold onto the memories indefinitely. Meaning we can experience how it felt to be forgotten at four years old at the age of forty, as if no time has passed. 

There is a reason that we feel weighed down during retrograde seasons – we’re meant to slow down, go inside and reflect on what ties we have that are incomplete or unresolved. Some of the time we don’t even realize we have open wounds that need healing until salt is poured over them. The psyche progressively attaches the same feelings of abandonment to different experiences until we address the trauma.

Image of sunset sky over homestead

Along with the Moon, there are five other planets “resting” in the sign of Aquarius – the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. With so many planets clustered under the banner of Aquarius there is a want to air things out and make space for new, progressive and positive change. But the need for advancement and progress can feel tight because of our mind’s subconscious habit of hoarding emotions. The world has shifted and we are definitely being offered “cheat codes” to make space in our lives for all of the things we’ve been asking the Universe for. Stagnation and rudimentary solutions won’t help us progress, in fact doing nothing has quite the opposite effect.

You may find yourself confronted with repetitive emotions – the psychedelic dejá vu of a life already experienced or glimpses of moments that seem to be on “repeat”. There’s a push and pull happening – one that keeps us wobbling in our cycle and unable to make a clean break while longing for some clarity and freedom. This tug-of-war between the conscious and unconscious is the soul wanting to address the weight of what’s anchoring us down while our mind is fishing for an old predictable tape to push our buttons and keep us in a “safe” dependable pattern. These moments and feelings show us where to aim our focus – the old patterns of blame and finger pointing don’t serve our greatest and highest good. If we nurture our energy towards progress then we keep forward momentum and we don’t have space to regress. 

Think of any game you’ve ever loved to play, be it in your neighborhood, with your family on game nights or your favorite video game. Now think of the way you feel when you master new ways to get through the game faster, win over your strongest opponent or the strategies you’ve gained while playing the game repeatedly. You’re miles ahead of where you were when you played the first time. Life is the same, as you repeat a cycle you’re meant to make progress and discover new strategies. 

With so much Aquarian energy clustered together, the ability to lighten the load feels doable even though there seems to be a lot to do. Even when we’re able to multitask, some tasks just require a higher level of concentration. The airiness of Aquarius offers us the concentration to expand.

This New Moon is about contemplating who you are and who you have been. Emotions run deep as the Luminaries get almost close enough to “hold hands”. Contemplate. Meditate. Wash your dishes, clean your tub. Make space in your world for new energies to float in. Remove what blocks your energy. Yes, this applies to your physical space but is so pertinent to your mental and spiritual space as well.

Aquarius is above all really about changing your perspective and finding the place of allowing inside. 

Wishing you a happy Aquarian New Moon February 11, 2021 cresent moon and stars over night time desert landscape

Lunation Station

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius DEC.14.2020

The portal to untapped potential

It’s past us now, but something feels different. 

Now that the dust plume has settled, let’s tune into our bodies for a quick moment. How do you feel physically? 

Be honest?

There could be a real sense of confusion about what we see as reality. The mind could be frantically looking for answers that seem to have a delay, “…wait, I know this one”. You could be feeling exposed, exhausted, and have nothing left to give mentally. Inside you could be feeling tension in the chest and have a steady uneasy feeling in the belly. This could also present outwardly as blankly staring at the ground with or a gaze that seems cloudy and distant. You may hear a faint ringing in the ears.


You could be having active dream states, where the mind races with new thoughts or old ideologies and revisits the places and events that brought you to this very moment in life. Maybe you find yourself walking on the precipice of something huge with a sense of elation. In your body, this feels like a warm energetic release radiating from your core to the tips of your limbs. You may find yourself taking in deep cleansing breaths of realization throughout the day- the vastness of what it means to be alive contained in each air exchange. There may still be sounds of ringing in the ears, but if you get real quiet, it becomes a low hum. 

With Sagittarius and Gemini as polar opposites, we could find ourselves trying to Identify the varying degrees of the way we feel. Polarities in life bring us to subtle changes in our day to day functions as we realize that we are never just ONE expression of emotion. At first, this can feel maddening – feelings intensify when we finally put full attention to them. But what it could be offering is more compassion for all the facets that shine through you. 

There was no good or bad way to experience this New Moon and Solar Eclipse, we will feel the influences throughout 2021. Embrace knowing yourself, investigate your emotions to get closer to your inner truth, and experience your authentic expression (Sagittarius). However, don’t lose sight of redefining what that knowledge is, as what that looks and feels like changes when we express ourselves authentically in the moment (Gemini).

Topics Covered In This Article

  • What were the energies of this eclipse–The intent?
  • How the Nodes of the Moon direct us during this Solar Eclipse.
  • Physical symptoms of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. 
  • What Happens Now, What Moves This Forward? 
  • How this Eclipse leads us Into the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2020. 

Main energies of this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

As the days pass we will uncover things that were hidden or “eclipsed”. We might find ourselves rediscovering these hidden thoughts or actions throughout 2021 due to Gemini and Sagittarius popping up three times during next year’s Eclipse cycles. 

Total Lunar Eclipse May 26, 2021 in Sagittarius @5°

Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021 in Gemini @19° 

Total Solar Eclipse  December 3rd, 2021 in Sagittarius @12°

We may as well get nice and comfy with this energy and learn how to best serve ourselves and our realizations fully. 

  1. We may find ourselves going back to school.
    • This could be literally taking up higher education (Sagittarius)
    • Evaluating our religious beliefs (Sagittarius)
    • Taking in more knowledge from various outlets (Gemini)
  2. We may find ourselves teaching
    • Finding our inner strength to realize what we know is true for many (Sagittarius)
    • We could be disseminating more information by getting on social media and spreading messages (Gemini).
  3. We could be looking for better jobs that give more to our inner faculties. 
  4. We could be saying NO for the first time in our lives.
  5. We could be dusting something off that hasn’t been used in a while. 
  6. We could be moving to a different country, state, or house. 

With the varying degrees of sensitivities we all possess, this Lunation will not disappoint, it’s giving us a chance to figure it all out and get it “right” according to our individual constitutions. Remember, no matter where you are in your journey, don’t worry if you’re not feeling these shifts yet, you will!

How the Nodes of the Moon are directing us

The North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius is a mental game of who knows best. Is it better to be informed by continually gathering information to describe your reality as you know it (Gemini)? Or does it feel better to take a risk by trusting your internal knowledge and forging ahead, not much caring what others think (Sagittarius)? The areas in our lives that these forces will touch varies vastly from person to person based on Natal Chart placements, but rest assured we are all collectively feeling the burn somewhere. 

How Do We Move Forward?

Moving from side to side

We look to the next Eclipse cycle beginning on May 26, 2021, to usher in new energy patterns to expand on past events and to look at what we are going through in the present, These energies offer insight into our internal value, what others may think of us, our resources or lack thereof, and financial gains and losses. When we get clear about our personal effects for the rest of this year, we will see an abundance of wealth, take time to think about what that means to you. Wealth can manifest as finances, the love we have been searching for, health, or unhindered access to the things that bring us joy. I’d say we’re on to some amazing things, so don’t lose sight of where you are right now, realize this too shall pass. 

Ushering the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2020

From the end of one era into the dawn of the next, this Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is the birth of a new 20-year cycle. Take time to get clear on your intentions and usher what you want into your life. 

2020 Winter Solstice is brought to you by the sign of Capricorn and will NOT disappoint! 

More on this to come!

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Thank you for participating in the grandness of life with us!

Sat Nam and Many blessings!

Kei Leonine & Charumati

Astrology in The Wild

Lunation Station

Pisces Full Moon Sept 1&2, 2020


If at first, WE don’t succeed, try, try again. 

Growth on our farm Pisces Full Moon 2020

This moon is definitely not afraid to give us a slap on the wrist when it comes to our approach these days. If it seems like your systems are failing, don’t hate me, but they are, LOL! Jokes aside, just keep going! Failing does not mean to give up, it means to develop a new system, keep searching for what DOES work, and stop focusing on what won’t. How do you look at failure? It’s the main reason we won’t step out to be seen for our fullest potentials because what’s it all for if we fail in the end, right? Hell NO! Our greatest feats and largest jumps in growth occur because we failed at a thing. 

So systems—what do I mean by these? It’s your daily and habitual practices that serve a purpose and give your day structure. Real talk, how many of these things do you participate in that no longer serve a purpose at all? Are you waking up later than you want? Are the people you communicate with giving back to their community and to you? This leads to talking about service, one of Virgo’s main desires in life. Did you know the opposite sign of Virgo is Pisces?! So with this Pisces moon and Virgo Sun, what more can we learn about our fruitful systems, how we approach our dreams, friendships, kinships, the list could go on. How are we serving these very people? Can we service their needs while also attending to our need for creative sovereignty and the achievement of our desires? Moon says, please consider it.

Another part of our daily systems we forget to address is our day-to-day service to our pets and farm animals. Virgo rules the 6th house of daily routines, habits, and small animals. How many of you know of close family members that have lost a pet recently, or better yet, yourself? I have to admit, with my farm, I have experienced loss due to understanding what systems are failing me, and damn, I hate it, but I had to learn that hard way. I am gleaning what it’s like to be a farmer, but it’s not an ingrained trait, so I pull back, observe, and change my approach accordingly. Thank the lawd I have neighbors who also farm, they’ve taught me how to take care of my animals in ways I couldn’t google or intuitively know on my own. If you find yourself getting a new pet this Virgo season which is very likely, it’s suggested that you get real-world advice from those you love when it comes to caring for them. I promise you, it’s hard to consider all the things in the midst of establishing a new love as Virgo blesses the 5th house of creation, children, and devotion of time to our animals this Full Moon.

The Blueprint of the starts for this Pisces Full Moon event.

Check-in from last month…did you put your energy towards your creative pursuits? If you didn’t catch the last New Moon Forecast, you can catch it here: These energies are still at play, it’s not too late to catch up. If you caught the train…be proud of yourself and keep up to the best of your ability. It’s been rough I know, exercising muscles mentally and physically that we may have not had access to in years, but it’s interesting to note that we continue to still carry energies of the last Full Moon as we move towards the next. 

This Pisces Moon is highlighting more intuitive approaches as you move into the month of September. It’s a great time to identify your own daily process so you can successfully meet your goals. And for goodness sake, launch the new business you’ve been sitting on! It’s never going to be a perfect time to start, the point is to put yourself out into the public eye and serve your community. I have recently started to put my business out into the ether, it was a launch I could feel during the last Full Moon of August, it felt like a pressure, I kept telling myself, “you’re going to fall off if you don’t get your life together”. I mean, I’ve wanted to serve my community with Astrology for years, and it’s just now taken me the time to see my worth and to know it provides significance to my life and others. It takes a hot minute to get there, so do your best to muddle through, but once you start you may be surprised at how it turns out. 

Social value, sheesh what a phrase. With the nodes of the Moon pointing to the 2nd and 8th houses, we can see the way we will get to our goals. If we create value socially, with the use of our language we utilize our ability to have foresight. We end up uncovering the missing link when it comes to how others view this quality, how we establish authority, and how we earn the things we have for a job well-done. 

Another thing we got percolating that adds some unexpected fuel to the fire is the constant pushing of the self-worth button as Uranus in Taurus hangs around with his Retrograded shirt on. With a tiny, but subtle aspect over to the South Node in the 8th house we might see some much needed value coming our way in the form of monetary compensation, the joining of a relationship or taking something over that once belonged to someone else. 

With this Full Moon as a whole, we are learning how to give service in really imaginative and quite impressive ways. Creatives are making their crafts at alarming rates, writers are finally finding a place to submit their work, and those making art have never been more relevant. I’ve never been more impressed with people at this moment in time because we actually live in the ancient old Chinese curse of “may you live an interesting life”, and look, we still pulling through!

Relationships, I know you all want to know about this and how it may affect you and those you don’t really want to cuss out, but should. The energies are favorable towards the start of new love and creating some sustenance around it by highlighting the things you love about love. However, this may be a trying time for some. There are a lot of you out there right now having an experience of getting less than you are giving. By the time you get to yourself, you’re all used up, feeling bruised because you aren’t being met halfway or, this is a good one,  literally in one relationship whilst trying to secure another. we’ve got to notice when we are doing this to ourselves and its time to atone it right the heck up out of there. Pay special attention to your siblings and give them a shot out when you have the next free moment, congratulate them on something you are impressed with. It’s one of the best times to reconnect with a lost sibling or to give more attention to the ones in your periphery. 

Continue injecting passion into your space, make it a home, allow the love to flow out of it. The space/place you do the most communication in, the environment you now call “work”, spit-shine it, and paint it gold. It’s time to give the fullness of who you are as Venus rests sweetly in a place of looking directly at the world we live in, just when we think the dust has settled, we are confronted again. This action will definitely add to your creative juices and liven your spirits this Pisces Full Moon.

One last thought as we finish—it has been a rough state of affairs the last week and a half. A lot of nonsensical loss, right in front of our eyes, yet AGAIN. With the two public losses from our #blackcommunity we see the importance of addressing our health head-on and pushing through even though the odds have been stacked against us, while our backs are turned, or while we weren’t looking (the shadow of Pisces). Please connect the dots, these cycles go right along with the astrological energies of today. I can’t say its science, but I can say it comes from some form of a higher power, God, the Logos, your pick. I’m just sayin….BELIEVE.

Please don’t give up the fight, please reach out to your immediate sources of love and ground yourself in it #earthsign, rely on your healthy routines, and the enjoyment of their creation. Above all, sadness and disappointment give us a reason to remove stagnation. 

The Moon on the Eastern Horizon August 31st, the day before the Full Moon.

#blacklivesmatter, #jacobblake, #ripchadwickboseman. 

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Lunation Station

Leo New Moon August 18th, 2020


 With a Trine of the Fire signs, there is a heated but equalizing conversation dealing with physical motivations; the determination to change what we have always known to obtain ultimate cohesiveness in our homes. Mercury and Mars’ sextile to the 4th house cusp is whispering sweet nothings from the consciousness “you know what you’re doing, don’t give in so easily, and ask more questions”. If we are given a caution for safety, will we take it? Not the safety of comfort and complacency, but safety around giving space and time before proceeding too quickly.

A difficult Mercury quincunx Saturn has us seeking answers on how to change the structure we’ve upheld and woefully sustained. There will be hope in our intentions but confusion will be magnified as those who try to lead with their hearts instead of their heads, learn to navigate new territory.  Have courage towards what may seem like speculation or a gamble to others; in actuality, it’s a knowing on your part without knowing how you do. We should be clear, flexible, and cooperative while taking the high road as needed. There is an increased hustle to make more out of life and a powerful desire to make it so.

With Uranus square the South Node and Midheaven we hear a faint cosmic giggle off into the distance that cues unexpected circumstances to occur. Just when we think we know the whole of it, we are given more information. We must keep in mind that more will be revealed so find good use in technology at our fingertips and stay up to date with your own means of finding the truth. Not all external sources will give justice to the reality and integrity needed to make the right decisions. 

Leo New Moon August 18th, 2020

Mars square Saturn and Pluto rumbles as hypothetical and literal blasts of realization come into the psyche to spark a new initiation. Saturn is pushing the button to reveal the transformations in work/government/institutional structures with Pluto indicating that stagnations to be addressed. With Venus adding an opposing conversation gives the opportunity towards a refreshed and hopeful foundation should we take the challenge; allowing new dialogues in old structures, and give the foresight to see value in your own intuitive directions.

NorthNode quincunx Saturn gives an opportunity for us to see that we know how to get to where we want to be, it just needs development around the solution that’s desired.

With the Ascendant squaring the Midheaven we can sense disillusionment as Neptune converses with Jupiter around belief systems and the way we learn our information. This has us taking our education to a larger spectrum, focusing on raising the bar for the way we currently operate. 

Overall this energy will feel like a squeeze but gives the promise to change in the near future, we just have to refine our new ideas with imagination.