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thursday (July 10th, 2021)!

how will it effect your sign?

Welcome back to Lunation Station! By now, if you haven’t noticed, things are getting glaringly clear. The New Moon in Gemini occurring June 10th, 2021 is forcing us to refresh the way we rely on ourselves. Trusting your gut, foresight, and vision are key factors with this strong influence of air fueled energy.

Do you trust your head? I mean…do you trust your thoughts and what comes from your mind? These will be larger factors for us all as we process the new reality we are wanting to step into.


A New Moon in Gemini closes out the old and ushers in the new feelings of life. I think we all have been trying to put some things to bed. Here we feel inspired to either pick back up where we left off or gather the courage to refine and begin something new.

The desire to expand your reality is here, now that the Lunar Eclipse 2 weeks ago has uncovered its main purpose. Do you feel close to new ideas? As a result of this new reality, your desires will take the reigns and the chance to redefine reality as you know it comes full force.

Are you or have you been writing something from your heart? Is there a book you want to publish or work you want to put out in the world, finally? If the answer is yes to any of these, you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease to which you can accomplish it. Dedication and grit can get you to many places.

This Moon in Gemini June 10th, 2021, is not only a New Moon, but also a Solar Eclipse– intensity and purpose that are larger than yourself breeds awakening. This means that life will not be the same and you may feel forever changed. Higher influences forge a way, making it really hard to return to old expressions you no longer want to experience. With Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Gemini currently, expansion of this idea brings ultimate states of no turning back. Check the article out HERE.


With this New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini, the reality we are facing is being able to financially support ourselves the way we were once able to. Planet Venus is adding emotional undertones of relationship balance and the need to process things. Above all, taking time for yourself will need to be necessary.

Mercury in Retrograde in the communicative sign of Gemini, forces us to go inward with these thoughts. As a result, we may not be inclined to share how we feel. However if we do, we are pleasantly surprised at the reciprocation we experience. Give it a try!

Whether these thoughts are negative or positive, the time is here to revamp the way we speak to ourselves. The idea is to start injecting a more positive outlook to our mental process. Its important to not sugar coat what you’re experiencing rather, to look at a situation as multifaceted. Its not one or the other, its both.


  • Your abilities are valid
  • Opinions about yourself must come from the heart, not from the minds of others.
  • Stop worrying about what others are thinking. Or take longer moments for yourself to escape the bullsh*t.
  • This is about your relationship to you, no one else.


What might be glaringly clear is that a lot of what you repeat to yourself or say in your head isn’t of your own making. Because Gemini rules the mind, these themes will stand out. Taking a long deep breath as you contemplate, who do those thoughts originate from? Replaying situations can look a lot like…”well I’ll be damned, I took and ran with that and it wasn’t even mine to carry!”

Do people ever try and finish your sentences? It may be maddening at times, because no matter how hard they guess, they still cant get it right. If they would just listen, they might get a chance to hear your part of the story instead of the one that’s going on in theirs. This New Moon helps us notice at a basic level that this is healthy to look at. The sign of Gemini wants us to take a step back and listen.


These transits will effect us all differently. As a result we have included each sun sign and be sure to read for your rising sign.


Relationship structures are breaking down to be built back up. Emotional maturity and digestion are necessary to move forward. However, being right is not the most important factor in life. Redefining truth is true relationship strength. Focusing on your hopes and dreams for the future will help you make sensible choices. Because of the depth of the topics you’ll be evaluating, emotions may be all over. EMOTIONS WILL CALLIBRATE.


Seeing that spiritual pursuits in life have taken a backseat is a likely realization. Are you reading the texts that make you believe in the larger orchestration of beauty and life? Feeling in the now will be important as you realize there is still so much to learn– its never ending, so breathe. We already know you thinkin bout that money…so, MEDITATE and MANIFEST. Money comes and money goes.


I’m not going to lie, y’all will be hit the hardest. There. I said it. There is so much going on up their in that brilliant brain of yours and pretty much everything is on the chopping block for revision. However, not every part of you needs to be changed. Discarding the mental thoughts that don’t belong to you are good moves. Childhood trauma ring a bell? Because aggression may be high, getting it out safely is a must. High pitched screaming and pillow punching anyone? Mercury drives communication to an all time high. Letting out what has been tucked deep inside is a likely occurrence. LISTEN UP.


The Moon is in a dreamy state at the moment. It feels good to get lost in the possibility of what could be, because the options are innumerable. A force that may be closing in is the need to harness a little more focus and intent toward the foundation of your life. Taking care of home affairs, applying healthy practices to your day and feeling the newness of the approaching Summer on our skin. The items in life that need readjustment are intuitively clear and are healthy to implement. FOUNDATION.


While you may be full of ideas and creativity, its good to slow down a bit. We want to be a jack of all trades, but we must try and master one. Taking one thing at a time is not only difficult, but seems to be futile. Putting the fire of life to work has been a long time coming. Revisiting old ideas will be wonderful musings because the things you thought about putting into action 4 months ago will still be worth putting energy towards. SINGLE FOCUS.


The energies of the Sun and Moon will guide you to knew creative pursuits, its time to trust your mental process– it’s what leads you. There is more at work, guiding to what’s right in the world and serves the needs of our time. You might consider more input at this time as you use the Summer to gain an upper leg and get ahead on your ideas. GIVE YOURSELF MORE TIME.


You’ll find yourself forced to consider if you should step outside of your normal way of doing things. As a result, emotional digestion about what’s happened will be made clear. Relationships and their dynamic are at the top of your list. It may be necessary to investigate your feelings, but to also give someone another chance. GIVE AND TAKE.


Moving around in the world learning and growing, how much of that time do you spend on your creative process? When you learn to start trusting it, your foresight and vision are enough. It may seem hard to break away from rigid processes and old structures in terms of the way we do things. You are an artist of transformation and the only way to do it is through your creativity.. TIME TO TRUST.


This is a fine time for you to finally put to paper these plans you’ve been toiling with Sag. Planet Jupiter shows its time to stop talking about it and actually being about it. You do know your stuff and over the past year you have undoubtedly stepped up your game. You should be proud. Continue moving forward with your plans and never forget the limitless opportunities afforded to you. PEN TO PAPER.


Planet Saturn has been messing around with you all year, forcing the hand of change. For instance, you know things are physically changing and the need to refine the process to stay up to date is here. You’re not creating enough and the sign of Gemini would like to remind you of your potentiality. BELIEVE IT BEFORE YOU SEE IT.


Learning how to stand on your own two feet on solid stability is your lesson this cycle. Its not a matter of not being able to, its opening your eyes to the fact you’ve been put through situations for growth. You know all the rules so you can figure out how to break them. Ultimately, the cheat code is uncovered and solutions can be reached. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


New ideas around your career are factors for your concern. Where you want to be and how to get there can be easily achieved through educating yourself. Going back to school could be a theme or taking a few classes for refreshing is in order. You may also face having to stand your ground and stick up for yourself. Its a good time to stand in your power Pisces. STAND TALL.


One important way we can honor this New Moon in Gemini which also happens to be a Solar Eclipse is to be present. There are many things trying to come through you, ideas, creative musings and information for us all to benefit from. Please don’t hold back. We must give our all because….what else are we doing with our lives?

  • Firstly, turn on your favorite tunes and open up all of your windows.
  • Secondly, give a burnt offering: Incense, candles, Palo Santo, sage, etc.
  • Use the burnt offering smoke to clear the corners of your home. Give blessings to your home, your clothes, your food and the people around you as you walk through your house. This is your ritual, anything goes!
  • Drink plenty of fluids today and eat simply, minimally, or not at all June 10th, 2021. Its healthy to want the feelings of being light on your feet.
  • Moreover, its important to finish the last little projects you have laying around. In addition, put things away that are hanging around and creating mental clutter.
  • Finally, sit down with your favorite journal and ask the heavens for an opening to your truest expression. As to be shown the light, the path, and the calling.


The moral to this New Moon in Gemini & Solar Eclipse is to take it easy, listen, and follow your heart. While there is a lot to absorb, you’re encouraged to take what fits and toss the rest away. If you could only enjoy being in the moment and feeling gratitude these next few days, you’ve won.

Stay wild, stay true to your genuine expression, and don’t be afraid to show the world what you have to give!


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By Kei Leonine

Astrologer. Professional writer. Author. Entrepreneur.

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