Today, we are blessed to be under the influence of a Taurian Moon- my natal signature, and secret Zodiacal crush! This is where the Moon has made its way around the “wheel” two and a half days at a sign to the sign of Taurus. Here, similar traits associated with a Taurus Sun are represented. However, it is also sprinkled with an emotional plot twist due to the Lunar influence.

The Sun is how we “do” our lives- the tenacity and fervor with which we push through to our destiny. Well then, what exactly does the Moon “do”? Keep reading below to find out how you personalize and shape your life if you are born under a Taurus Moon. This also applies to you if you are heavily influenced by the Moons transitions through the signs in any given Lunar cycle.

What makes this Moon the comfort and resource magnet? Taurus represents the physical manifestation of an idea, thought process, or urge. Bringing balance through feeling safe and secure with plenty of resources to go around is what feels most comfortable. When something is needed, this Taurus Moon says it out loud and somehow, it appears!

What does it mean to have a Taurus Moon?

A Moon in the sign of Taurus makes for a very comfortable, huggable, and lovable person. Connection through the five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight is pertinent to healthy immune and nervous system function.

How food tastes and the effort expended to make rich and beautifully appealing fare is a trait that never goes unnoticed. A Taurus Moon KNOWS FOOD. They are crafty with meal preparation as well as incorporating healing ingredients. Liking to produce “just enough” to satisfy themselves and those they love. However on any given day this comfort loving Taurus may go to extremes to ensure that there will be “enough” because emotional connection to food is so important. Having “enough” is part of the Taurian archetype and food storing is one of the main intuitive practices for survival.

Are you ready to see a tactile person who is obsessed with diverse feelings and textures? Than look no further than a Taurus Moon! A Taurus Moon expects that the environment they inhabit contains a pleasing esthetic they deeply connect to- home is what feeds the Bull. What surrounds them is a testament to how beautiful they view life to be. Touch offers reflection on how a person wants to be touched by others. Its hard not to want an embrace or feel the subtle sensations caused by being in contact with another.

One common marker for a person with a Taurus Moon is possibly being a workaholic- not knowing when to say no. Large amounts of overtime can be expected. Taurus Moons have a rough time with change when it affects the bottom line– less willing to change.

How would a Taurus Moon make their lives personal and unique?

Can I have what I want forever and ever? A Moon in this sign thinks of a sustainable life in the largest sense of the word. They want so badly to provide the things they need on a continual basis and hold a strong desire for the Earth and environment to have this too. This includes those with Taurus influence- burgeoning pantries, freezers, and pavilions full of food to last months, even years into the future is a representation of sustaining. You can see this influence in their homes as well. Their spaces are often full of house plants and plenty of comfy places to rest your body.

Nature is a go-to in life as a Moon in Taurus connects deeply to the symphonic rhythm of the Earth and its natural cycles. Sitting in a meadow, staring off into space while enjoying the deepening of the body into the ground beneath them is a common, yet, grounding expression of this Moon.

You will find that these people are excessive foodies and willing to try anything that has the promise of rich undertones and satiating flavor. A long love affair and appreciation for slow cooking such as crock pots, baking, or fermenting is common. These activities remind the Taurean that flavor and connection comes from long relationships. Brilliant chefs with this expression find great success as others find deep comfort in the taste pallet of someone who emotionally connects with food.

What does a Taurus Moon need to look out for?

When you are born under this influence or are having a very bull-ish day with the Moon’s transit, you can be sure there will be very physical signs and area’s of the body that need attention.

• Knees- The knees are a sensitive part of not only a Sun in Taurus, but also a Moon in the sign. Besides the feet (Pisces), the knees are one of the most important functions of stability and mobility.
• Throat- Because Taurus represents the Throat Chakra or “energy center” at the throat. This area may be sensitive at times. This is a common occurrence when speaking your truth. Self confidence teeters on the edge of being “too real” and the risk of alienating ones self may fell overwhelming.

NO, you may NOT come over unannounced! Space + Privacy

These people value space and privacy to a fault! So it would only be natural that you couldn’t just pop over to their house for an impromptu meeting. Ultimately, time is preparation before you come over! They gently ensure everything is in its place. They prepare crackers , cheese, pour two glasses of wine, and await your arrival. Planned visits so hey are able to provide a nurturing space that feels good to them and to you. Spontaneity is intrusive and discombobulating- robbing this person of their energy and ability to be present.

The Moon & mothers influence

Noticing how important our mothers influence is over our lives is another topic of conversation. However, when you have a Moon in Taurus, you may have a certain type of relationship with your mother. She may be a source of financial influence and resources when your stacks are down. She may also be your “rock”. An emotional support person when the pitfalls of life feel like they’re too much to handle.

What are the emotional effects of a Taurus Moon?

Emotionally a Taurus Moon may be a little more detached than most because they are slower at processing their emotions. Retreating to take time to work through what has happened and how they feel about it is their only conclusion. Making a decision is rough for a Taurus Moon because of the slowness needed – think slow crockpot cooking. Decisions are careful thoughts and planning.

This person may seem slow to change certain unhealthy habits and associations initially. It wont take long for the realization to set in that a new course of action must be achieved.

The “bull in the china shop” is a common approach. When they haven’t had the time to pull back or process and they may feel backed into a corner. The bullish, pointy horned creature can break out to charge past what makes them feel stuck.

What is the spiritual meaning of a Moon in Taurus?

A Moon in Taurus will ultimately connect you to the deeper, yet more physical sense of what spirituality means. Connecting to physical totems, cycles and growth patterns of the Earth helps bring the ethereal realm into a spiritual one. These people will tend to believe in something higher. It may not be in God per se, but moreover what connects us universally will be of high importance. Practices that are tested and true are comfortable for grounded Taurus Moons.

Closing thoughts

Having a transit or a Natal Moon in Taurus can make them a sensual, grounded and connected individual. This person will be one who is talented, confident and resourceful in their own right. It is a time where we must celebrate where we are in our journey. Honor any practices that have to deal with the body.

Have a cosmically connected day! Stay tuned for more Moon information as I track its transits in my new Moon Series this month!

Many, many blessings to you all.

Kei Leonine

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