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Aquarian New Moon

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February 11th 2021 the New Moon is in Aquarius, and Mercury is still retrograde. This strong energy wants us to revisit the unfinished energy exchanges that we’ve been carrying around on our backs for like, ever. Sifting through the past is painful. We like to think we’ve got it all together and since we don’t think about a thing, a person, or an experience that often then, well we must have forgiven. But that’s BS, and our bodies know it.

Finding new ways to deal with the old loads is the focus. The Psychology to how we process events in our lives is complicated, and we’re not licensed therapists. But we’ve done a bit of therapy and some intense self work. 

Shyte happens to everyone. What, who, how and why is particular and a touchy subject. Some people are able to have horrific things happen and come out on the other side seemingly unscathed. Some can go through things that may, on the surface, seem less significant but for them it is ingested as trauma. How each and every one of us takes in and names our experiences is personal and no one can speak to how someone else is affected. 

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We were having a conversation about childhood this morning. One, that was personal, emotional, and intense. And the point was made that the energy felt crystallized; crystalized in the body and in the mind and in the spirit. It is the focus of psychology to work through our experiences, to give them voice and name and then to do the work to lessen the pain caused by those experiences. We almost never have to work hard at processing the things that bring us joy, unless of course, there is something traumatic attached to experiencing joy. 

Our emotions can exist in a state of stasis. Just lurking in muscle, nerves, and joints. When we revisit a memory, our minds process it in real time – as if we are four again and a parent forgot to pick us up when they said they would. Our minds are fanciful and magnificent computers. When our mind processes a new experience it looks for all of the proper emotions to attach to it – commands and executions. The thing is, it doesn’t discern time. It will attach a boat load of emotions to a simple task that triggers our bodies back to an exact time, space and place, all while you’re sitting at your desk trying to work. The mind can hold onto the memories indefinitely. Meaning we can experience how it felt to be forgotten at four years old at the age of forty, as if no time has passed. 

There is a reason that we feel weighed down during retrograde seasons – we’re meant to slow down, go inside and reflect on what ties we have that are incomplete or unresolved. Some of the time we don’t even realize we have open wounds that need healing until salt is poured over them. The psyche progressively attaches the same feelings of abandonment to different experiences until we address the trauma.

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Along with the Moon, there are five other planets “resting” in the sign of Aquarius – the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. With so many planets clustered under the banner of Aquarius there is a want to air things out and make space for new, progressive and positive change. But the need for advancement and progress can feel tight because of our mind’s subconscious habit of hoarding emotions. The world has shifted and we are definitely being offered “cheat codes” to make space in our lives for all of the things we’ve been asking the Universe for. Stagnation and rudimentary solutions won’t help us progress, in fact doing nothing has quite the opposite effect.

You may find yourself confronted with repetitive emotions – the psychedelic dejá vu of a life already experienced or glimpses of moments that seem to be on “repeat”. There’s a push and pull happening – one that keeps us wobbling in our cycle and unable to make a clean break while longing for some clarity and freedom. This tug-of-war between the conscious and unconscious is the soul wanting to address the weight of what’s anchoring us down while our mind is fishing for an old predictable tape to push our buttons and keep us in a “safe” dependable pattern. These moments and feelings show us where to aim our focus – the old patterns of blame and finger pointing don’t serve our greatest and highest good. If we nurture our energy towards progress then we keep forward momentum and we don’t have space to regress. 

Think of any game you’ve ever loved to play, be it in your neighborhood, with your family on game nights or your favorite video game. Now think of the way you feel when you master new ways to get through the game faster, win over your strongest opponent or the strategies you’ve gained while playing the game repeatedly. You’re miles ahead of where you were when you played the first time. Life is the same, as you repeat a cycle you’re meant to make progress and discover new strategies. 

With so much Aquarian energy clustered together, the ability to lighten the load feels doable even though there seems to be a lot to do. Even when we’re able to multitask, some tasks just require a higher level of concentration. The airiness of Aquarius offers us the concentration to expand.

This New Moon is about contemplating who you are and who you have been. Emotions run deep as the Luminaries get almost close enough to “hold hands”. Contemplate. Meditate. Wash your dishes, clean your tub. Make space in your world for new energies to float in. Remove what blocks your energy. Yes, this applies to your physical space but is so pertinent to your mental and spiritual space as well.

Aquarius is above all really about changing your perspective and finding the place of allowing inside. 

Wishing you a happy Aquarian New Moon February 11, 2021 cresent moon and stars over night time desert landscape

By Kei Leonine

Astrologer. Professional writer. Author. Entrepreneur.

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