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Pisces Full Moon Sept 1&2, 2020



If at first, WE don’t succeed, try, try again. 

Growth on our farm Pisces Full Moon 2020

This moon is definitely not afraid to give us a slap on the wrist when it comes to our approach these days. If it seems like your systems are failing, don’t hate me, but they are, LOL! Jokes aside, just keep going! Failing does not mean to give up, it means to develop a new system, keep searching for what DOES work, and stop focusing on what won’t. How do you look at failure? It’s the main reason we won’t step out to be seen for our fullest potentials because what’s it all for if we fail in the end, right? Hell NO! Our greatest feats and largest jumps in growth occur because we failed at a thing. 

So systems—what do I mean by these? It’s your daily and habitual practices that serve a purpose and give your day structure. Real talk, how many of these things do you participate in that no longer serve a purpose at all? Are you waking up later than you want? Are the people you communicate with giving back to their community and to you? This leads to talking about service, one of Virgo’s main desires in life. Did you know the opposite sign of Virgo is Pisces?! So with this Pisces moon and Virgo Sun, what more can we learn about our fruitful systems, how we approach our dreams, friendships, kinships, the list could go on. How are we serving these very people? Can we service their needs while also attending to our need for creative sovereignty and the achievement of our desires? Moon says, please consider it.

Another part of our daily systems we forget to address is our day-to-day service to our pets and farm animals. Virgo rules the 6th house of daily routines, habits, and small animals. How many of you know of close family members that have lost a pet recently, or better yet, yourself? I have to admit, with my farm, I have experienced loss due to understanding what systems are failing me, and damn, I hate it, but I had to learn that hard way. I am gleaning what it’s like to be a farmer, but it’s not an ingrained trait, so I pull back, observe, and change my approach accordingly. Thank the lawd I have neighbors who also farm, they’ve taught me how to take care of my animals in ways I couldn’t google or intuitively know on my own. If you find yourself getting a new pet this Virgo season which is very likely, it’s suggested that you get real-world advice from those you love when it comes to caring for them. I promise you, it’s hard to consider all the things in the midst of establishing a new love as Virgo blesses the 5th house of creation, children, and devotion of time to our animals this Full Moon.

The Blueprint of the starts for this Pisces Full Moon event.

Check-in from last month…did you put your energy towards your creative pursuits? If you didn’t catch the last New Moon Forecast, you can catch it here: These energies are still at play, it’s not too late to catch up. If you caught the train…be proud of yourself and keep up to the best of your ability. It’s been rough I know, exercising muscles mentally and physically that we may have not had access to in years, but it’s interesting to note that we continue to still carry energies of the last Full Moon as we move towards the next. 

This Pisces Moon is highlighting more intuitive approaches as you move into the month of September. It’s a great time to identify your own daily process so you can successfully meet your goals. And for goodness sake, launch the new business you’ve been sitting on! It’s never going to be a perfect time to start, the point is to put yourself out into the public eye and serve your community. I have recently started to put my business out into the ether, it was a launch I could feel during the last Full Moon of August, it felt like a pressure, I kept telling myself, “you’re going to fall off if you don’t get your life together”. I mean, I’ve wanted to serve my community with Astrology for years, and it’s just now taken me the time to see my worth and to know it provides significance to my life and others. It takes a hot minute to get there, so do your best to muddle through, but once you start you may be surprised at how it turns out. 

Social value, sheesh what a phrase. With the nodes of the Moon pointing to the 2nd and 8th houses, we can see the way we will get to our goals. If we create value socially, with the use of our language we utilize our ability to have foresight. We end up uncovering the missing link when it comes to how others view this quality, how we establish authority, and how we earn the things we have for a job well-done. 

Another thing we got percolating that adds some unexpected fuel to the fire is the constant pushing of the self-worth button as Uranus in Taurus hangs around with his Retrograded shirt on. With a tiny, but subtle aspect over to the South Node in the 8th house we might see some much needed value coming our way in the form of monetary compensation, the joining of a relationship or taking something over that once belonged to someone else. 

With this Full Moon as a whole, we are learning how to give service in really imaginative and quite impressive ways. Creatives are making their crafts at alarming rates, writers are finally finding a place to submit their work, and those making art have never been more relevant. I’ve never been more impressed with people at this moment in time because we actually live in the ancient old Chinese curse of “may you live an interesting life”, and look, we still pulling through!

Relationships, I know you all want to know about this and how it may affect you and those you don’t really want to cuss out, but should. The energies are favorable towards the start of new love and creating some sustenance around it by highlighting the things you love about love. However, this may be a trying time for some. There are a lot of you out there right now having an experience of getting less than you are giving. By the time you get to yourself, you’re all used up, feeling bruised because you aren’t being met halfway or, this is a good one,  literally in one relationship whilst trying to secure another. we’ve got to notice when we are doing this to ourselves and its time to atone it right the heck up out of there. Pay special attention to your siblings and give them a shot out when you have the next free moment, congratulate them on something you are impressed with. It’s one of the best times to reconnect with a lost sibling or to give more attention to the ones in your periphery. 

Continue injecting passion into your space, make it a home, allow the love to flow out of it. The space/place you do the most communication in, the environment you now call “work”, spit-shine it, and paint it gold. It’s time to give the fullness of who you are as Venus rests sweetly in a place of looking directly at the world we live in, just when we think the dust has settled, we are confronted again. This action will definitely add to your creative juices and liven your spirits this Pisces Full Moon.

One last thought as we finish—it has been a rough state of affairs the last week and a half. A lot of nonsensical loss, right in front of our eyes, yet AGAIN. With the two public losses from our #blackcommunity we see the importance of addressing our health head-on and pushing through even though the odds have been stacked against us, while our backs are turned, or while we weren’t looking (the shadow of Pisces). Please connect the dots, these cycles go right along with the astrological energies of today. I can’t say its science, but I can say it comes from some form of a higher power, God, the Logos, your pick. I’m just sayin….BELIEVE.

Please don’t give up the fight, please reach out to your immediate sources of love and ground yourself in it #earthsign, rely on your healthy routines, and the enjoyment of their creation. Above all, sadness and disappointment give us a reason to remove stagnation. 

The Moon on the Eastern Horizon August 31st, the day before the Full Moon.

#blacklivesmatter, #jacobblake, #ripchadwickboseman. 

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By Kei Leonine

Astrologer. Professional writer. Author. Entrepreneur.

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